How US political concerns affected at equities?

Shares on Wall Street and in Asia are traded in negative territory with increasing US political problems. Caution comes in the light of a note by former KGB Director FBI who said that Trump had called him to abandon the investigation of former national security adviser Flynn, who recently resigned because of secret meetings with Russian politicians in which the media accused him of collusion with the Russians To influence the elections in the United States.

Concerns also leaked to currency markets where the US dollar was hit lower, falling against the major currencies, as we see the USD index, a measure of the strength of the dollar against the basket of currencies, dropping below 98.

Weakness – in favor of the yen, which quickly broke through the support level of 112.25, While EURUSD rose aggressively to capture the resistance level of 1.1100. GBPUSD remains relatively depressed, as we see that the pair is consolidating as its own political problems, regarding the upcoming elections, cause caution.

In commodities, gold was aggressively chosen, as the market again turned the flow in favor of the hedging risk asset. Now we see a resistance level of 1245, which is being tested, with bulls looking heavily at the 1250 mark and further. Crude oil could not hold a $ 50 mark and tests below $ 49 compared to today’s US crude oil reserves, which if the release is higher than expectations, can see that the product is making a b-line for marking $ 50 and above. However, worse than expected, the release will see that bears are looking for a re-testing of the mark at $ 45.

It is expected that the risk from the mood will continue if political concern worsens. However, if we see a relaxation of tension, we will see a turn when the dollar strengthens, while JPY and gold weaken.

We also have a fair amount of economic emancipation from various economies, which are likely to play a role in determining the price of today. If the indicators prove to be better than expected, we will see that the corresponding assets will strengthen, and worse than expected, the corresponding assets will depreciate.