The euro and the New Zealand dollar fell amid political instability

The rate of the New Zealand dollar fell when the ruling National Party won the most votes in the last elections, however, without gaining an absolute majority.

Now there is an opportunity to form a coalition. The euro also fell when Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel won the election in Germany, remaining for the fourth term, confronted with the problem of parliamentary instability due to the increased popularity of the ultra-right. Continue reading

Is Opteck trustworthy

orteck scam?There are lots of traders who only started their new way toward their career, as well as those who already can say they are true professionals. But both of them sometimes need the best support that should be provided by the company that already earned the respect from other users. Opteck Company is one such thing. Is Opteck trustworthy or not? The answer to this question is often offered by Google search results on the Internet for the investors and big serious banks, companies, funds and corporations. And Opteck is worth discussing.
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Oil is traded without a definite dynamics on the eve of the publication of stocks this week

Uncertainty of the markets contributed to the indecisiveness of Asian investors, who are waiting for the Fed meeting and clues regarding the future monetary policy of the United States.

The MSCI index rose slightly higher after its fall during the Asian session, as well as the session on Wall Street. DJIA reached its historic high at the close of the fifth session in a row, and the S & P 500 closed the second session in a row at a record high, as the growth of yield on Treasury bonds contributed to the growth of shares in the financial sector. The Japanese Nikkei index, also following the global positive trend, rose 1.2% at the beginning of trading against a weak yen, as the Tokyo Stock Exchange opened today after a holiday weekend. Continue reading

Forex trading secrets

Forex trading secretsNowadays with the ability to use any type of modern computer equipment depending on the tastes of the user, people find it so much easier to become traders on Forex. When it comes to Forex trading secrets it is no longer necessary to get lots of money or huge capital at the very beginning of global trading. The only thing that new traders should know for sure is the ability to use several very important strategies before they actually become the professionals.
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Asylum assets are gaining momentum after North Korea’s test of a hydrogen bomb

North Korea tested the nuclear bomb on Sunday, which immediately provoked investors to switch to safe haven assets.

Asian stocks fell while gold, sovereign bonds and the yen rose during the Asian session, although the losses in the capital were modest amid expectations that the outbreak would be rapid.

The greatest decrease was observed in Japan and South Korea, while in other regions there was a more moderate reaction. Continue reading

Forex trading basics

Forex trading basicsSurprisingly, but nowadays people can set up any kind of online business they wish to have. And the appearance of online traders is not an exception. To become such one the people don’t even need to have the large start capital in order to buy and sell currencies making the profit on the difference between them. But before getting started, it is necessary to make sure you found all the facts about Forex trading for dummies that are necessary to know.
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The stocks of Asian technology companies are growing on Apple’s accounts; The US dollar is traded on small volumes

Yesterday after the market closed, Apple Inc. published its reports, showing good results. Against this backdrop, shares of technology companies in Asia such as Manufacturing Co and AAC Technologies Holdings Inc, which are Apple’s suppliers, rose in price. Revenue from sales of the iPhone exceeded expectations, as well as earnings per share of the company, and soon there will be 10 anniversary of the release of the smartphone from Apple. The MSCI index was stable at the beginning of trading, and the Nikkei rose 0.4%. On Wall Street, Nasdaq rose 0.23%, Dow Jones closed 0.33% higher yesterday, while the S & P 500 rose 0.24%. Continue reading

Opteck trading review

Opteck trading reviewBeing founded in 2011, as binary options broker, Opteck confirmed its reputation, as well as numerous positive Opteck review, of trustworthy and successful company offering excellent services to its clients from more than 80 countries. Since the beginning of 2017, the company сeased binary options operations and launched the new CFD and Forex trading platform. Continue reading

On the eve of Yellen’s speech, Asian securities rose in price

On Tuesday, stocks and indices in Asia rose rapidly: investors are waiting for Yellen’s clues on the future monetary policy of the Fed. Australian stocks fell in price, while Korean and Japanese stocks went up.

The most extensive index of the Asia-Pacific region MSCI rose by several points at the beginning of trading, while the Nikkei rose by 0.1%. The US dollar index is trading at 0.1% higher at around 96,095.

The New Zealand dollar fell in price and traded with negative dynamics after the indicators of the report on public spending disappointed the expectations of the markets. Continue reading

Basic Forex trading strategies

Basic Forex trading strategiesThe numerous benefits and advantages of Forex market continue attracting investors from different countries. Despite a certain investment risk, the traders involved are trying to gain profit acting accordingly to any specific trading plans called strategies. Generally, Forex trading strategies are combinations of certain actions and plans of trading activity guiding to obtaining the profit from trades. Indeed, the large number of different strategies were created and successfully used although all of them can be split up into 3 main categories. Continue reading