Buy the rumor and sell the fact?

The main news of the weekend was the victory of the French presidential candidate Macron at 2 round of voting, which came in at 66.06% of vote. The lead up to the election weekend, saw the EUR being bought aggressively as markets priced in polling data which showed his advantage in numbers. 

The markets opened with one last push of buyers, before we saw that the sellers again enter after the fact in covering long positions and trading with the hunt. Technically, EURUSD remains between the support level of 1.0950 and the resistance level of 1.1000, with a fixation of what is likely to set the tone for the upcoming week. Positive data from the EU will see a level of 1.1000, verifiable, while more pessimistic news will see the support level of 1.0950, tested.

In commodities, gold was sold at auction to check the 1220 level before reducing the risk of elections in France before the purchase arose with a fixed profit, and the hunting deal brought the precious metal to 1230, gold would look above uncertainty. As the appetite for risk increases, the bears again try 1200 levels.

In crude oil, we saw a good recovery, as goods sold 7% higher than its Friday lows of $ 47 a barrel earlier in the test OPEC Confirmed their support for freezing. Traders will remain sensitive to news about supply and demand, quickly grab the oil, if there is reason to believe that the supply will be cut or the demand will increase.