Experts predictions of market situation

Experts predictions of market situationA three-week losing streak has been suddenly cut by the American Dollar as it appears to have one of the largest advances that happened within five days, surprisingly in just two months. According to the latest facts, this move was made in order to demonstrate the rate of 2017 prices on futures markets. It was all steepened just after two weeks the situation got a little bit worse. The situation may have changed after the officials from Fed showed that they are not interested in boosting their predictions and forecasts about the process of rate increasing at FOMC last meeting in March.

Another issue that they had to struggle with was recent AHCA reform of healthcare that was failed and made an influence on “Trump trade”. In fact, all these short predictions and experts considerations may give, in the closer future, the way to the better view of the whole situation on the trade.

The regular comments from officials of Fed have approved their strong wish as well as readiness to continue the process of stimulation withdrawal over the past a few weeks. This was limited by a revised set of figures from GDP. In fact, they all showed that the economy started growing a lot faster than all the experts and global economists have expected. The predictions they made in the final three months of the last year were not fulfilled.

All these things considered, it seems like the global markets got reminded that the Central Bank of the USA is completely alone in its goal to pull back the accommodations alongside its counterparts. Apparently, it may also happen (at some point) even if there are some global changes when it comes to US fiscal policy. These very last steps made experts rethink about their predictions in the next two or three months and make new statistics according to the recent situation on a trade.