First quarter of 2017 results

First quarter of 2017 resultsThis Monday is sort of celebrating or marking the first day of the new second quarter. This is the day when we all close the books from the very first quarter of this year. There are, however, already a few themes and issues that worth talking about. According to the statistics that have been made and finally finished quite recently with the final week of March, the first quarter showed us some very significant changes in this department. First two months wasn’t even expecting a hike appearing in March.

Afterward, the Fed made a strong decision to continue the work as they later on made a set of speeches at the very beginning of March in order to propel all these odds that appeared earlier alongside the American Dollar because traders were getting ready for a rate hike. But suddenly, American Dollar showed its aggression and dissatisfaction as the Fed finally did the hike rates, which was only the third time in just ten years. The dollar continued to go all the way down until the last days of the recent month.

At this point, Fed found itself getting to the work again, which was immediately shown and shared in all the recent interviews and comments they have given and announced to the public. This week was followed by more than thirteen speeches made and organized by the officials from Fed. But we already have a little bit more information and facts about the today’s docket.

The tonality of all these speeches has been noticed and discussed immediately as the Fed has been pretty brave and opened in showing their personal outlook to markets. As an example, Mr. Eric Rosengren has recently mentioned his own opinion about making three or even four rate hikes within this year. That fact, according to the latest facts, would be even more hawkish than the personal expectations and predictions of Fed.