French elections affect on EURO

French elections affect on EUROAccording to the freshest facts and news on the trade markets, the ECB made a decision to express their personal opinion, as well as opened discontent about the interpretation of policy meeting that was in March. They pointed out that loose policy wasn’t going to disappear as it was expected. However, they also mentioned the presidential elections in France saying that they are keeping the particular limit when it comes to the Euro moving higher.

However, not just critics and experts but also all the markets are pretty confident that the candidate Marine Le Pen that is taking a part in President Elections in France will definitely lose this time. In fact, the Euro seemed to change its positions last weeks by losing the ground against all the world global currencies that were, apparently, covered by Daily FX Researches.

However, some say that the reason for the decline wasn’t on the radar because the report that was sent to the European Central Bank contained some unknown before sources. It was released by Reuters and according to the facts, it appeared to be the main driver for the actions and moves in the week when it comes to the price. Some say that even the start of Brexit that was scheduled to be on Wednesday wasn’t able to lift the Euro and also GBP. It was the best pair that was closed down by minus 2 percents in the final week of the previous month.

Afterward, the Reuters made a report where they told about ECB not being satisfied with the reaction of the market to their latest policy meeting in March. Afterward, the rates on the markets were pricing in a 50 percents chance that the ECB would be making the rates go up by December this year, according to the index swaps. It was all caused by the interpretation represented a little bit earlier that such moves weren’t accepted and desired from officials of ECB.