Latest Asian markets behavior

Latest Asian markets behaviorOn Tuesday there was information about the big number of Asian markets going down in a session of talks about the risk. It was all followed by Wall Street close. In fact, it was all finished and closed on soft economic numbers on the markets of US. At the same time, Nikkei 225 that belongs to Japan went down to 0.9 percents whilst Japanese Yen was weighing on the makers of auto. When it comes to the Australian ASX it has also changed, more or less, but the final results were a little bit surprising – it ended down 0.3 percents.

Meanwhile, The Reserve Bank of Australia made a decision to hold the rates and raised them from their minimum, afterward. As the results of Bank’s moves, the financial stocks seemed to be very heavy. But experts didn’t even expect something opposite to happen. Fortunately, the stocks from China and also Taiwan were out of the trade market game again. It was also the question of particular time as these two countries were celebrating holidays.

In fact, the RBA seemed to not provide the needed assistance. But despite that fact, the Aussie show the tendencies to be on a high level of risk as the global investors are a little bit worried about the current situation thinking about global growth levels. In fact, such worries from their side are being noticed by regular traders on Forex as well as other people. And this entire situation is heated by the summit that is planned to be in Florida this week.

According to the approved information, the summit is going to be between the President of US Donald Trump and Xi Jinping – his opposite number from China markets. At the same time, Australian trade data showed their support when it came to their national home currency. However, the Rand from South Africa seemed to continue struggling just after the reduction on Monday, which traders hadn’t expected.