First quarter of 2017 results

First quarter of 2017 resultsThis Monday is sort of celebrating or marking the first day of the new second quarter. This is the day when we all close the books from the very first quarter of this year. There are, however, already a few themes and issues that worth talking about. According to the statistics that have been made and finally finished quite recently with the final week of March, the first quarter showed us some very significant changes in this department. First two months wasn’t even expecting a hike appearing in March.
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The weakness of Yen in 2017

The weakness of Yen in 2017When it comes to the situation in Japan and its currency there are also some changes that were noticed by the traders and investors. Since the Presidential Elections in the United States of America, the Yen has become a rollercoaster, as the critics say. Right after the run of weakness against the Greenback, the Japanese Yen and American Dollar alongside the price actions made a decision to continue their retracements. In fact, it was all started in the very first week of the current year after Trump became the President of America.
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Potential effects of Australian market moving

Potential effects of Australian market movingThe last week was very significant as the Australian stock market made a declaration of its independence. Afterward, many critics and worlds traders made a decision to comment the situation. At the same time, it was noticed that the big number of bourses wilted with Wall Street just right after the canceling healthcare reform by the US administration.
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French elections affect on EURO

French elections affect on EUROAccording to the freshest facts and news on the trade markets, the ECB made a decision to express their personal opinion, as well as opened discontent about the interpretation of policy meeting that was in March. They pointed out that loose policy wasn’t going to disappear as it was expected. However, they also mentioned the presidential elections in France saying that they are keeping the particular limit when it comes to the Euro moving higher. Continue reading

Experts predictions of market situation

Experts predictions of market situationA three-week losing streak has been suddenly cut by the American Dollar as it appears to have one of the largest advances that happened within five days, surprisingly in just two months. According to the latest facts, this move was made in order to demonstrate the rate of 2017 prices on futures markets. It was all steepened just after two weeks the situation got a little bit worse. The situation may have changed after the officials from Fed showed that they are not interested in boosting their predictions and forecasts about the process of rate increasing at FOMC last meeting in March. Continue reading

Recent Gold Price rising

Recent Gold Price risingAccording to the latest Forex forecasts for all the traders, both beginners and professionals, the prices on the gold have raised a lot. Experts think that the reason of that may be the fact that Treasury bond yields fell down because traders didn’t want to accept that risk after soft data about the economic situation in the United States of America. In fact, the investigation of ISM of a sector of manufacturing activity has shown some interesting facts – experts noticed the slowing of the growth. However, it was clearly expected. PMI had an analogous index from Markit Economics and it was later revised towards the falling down. Continue reading

Latest Asian markets behavior

Latest Asian markets behaviorOn Tuesday there was information about the big number of Asian markets going down in a session of talks about the risk. It was all followed by Wall Street close. In fact, it was all finished and closed on soft economic numbers on the markets of US. At the same time, Nikkei 225 that belongs to Japan went down to 0.9 percents whilst Japanese Yen was weighing on the makers of auto. When it comes to the Australian ASX it has also changed, more or less, but the final results were a little bit surprising – it ended down 0.3 percents.
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USD/USD/JPY pair fluctuations pair fluctuations

USD/USD/JPY pair fluctuations pair fluctuationsAccording to the latest news for Forex traders, the Japanese currency – yen – outperforms its main big contestants. American Dollar and Japanese Yen seem to go to the new level in 2017 because it pulls back to the support of the channel. Also, some facts say that the recent strength of currency in Japan was accompanied by the global benchmarks indices from all over the world that appeared to go down.
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