Potential effects of Australian market moving

Potential effects of Australian market movingThe last week was very significant as the Australian stock market made a declaration of its independence. Afterward, many critics and worlds traders made a decision to comment the situation. At the same time, it was noticed that the big number of bourses wilted with Wall Street just right after the canceling healthcare reform by the US administration.

Despite that fact, many investors in the stocks of Australia preferred to make their accent and attention on inside positives. In fact, they took all the ASX 200 benchmarks all the way to two-years growing. However, some experts have already made a few predictions based on the current situation and they say the Australia Dollar has to do the same thing. Any moment can be easily taken by the markets that will try to take on the monetary policy of US. Apparently, they will be driving AUS/USD, just like any other pair of currency with the USD.

However, there are a few things on the horizon that promise us to change the situation a little bit. In fact, we are about to get the decision about a monetary policy from the Australian Reserve Bank. There are some people and traders who have their own opinion about the recent situation but they seem to keep it in a big secret. They might think that Australian interest rates will be definitely risen or even fallen. They are currently on their record-low of one and a half percents on Tuesday.

Recently, some officials have made a few comments to describe the situation and from them, we also know about the Central Bank being worried bad inflation and high levels of debt that were made by citizens and households. However, they still don’t want the currency to grow up very high which they all confirmed in the latest news. Apparently, the situation is not going to change a lot and will stay the same as today.