Recent Gold Price rising

Recent Gold Price risingAccording to the latest Forex forecasts for all the traders, both beginners and professionals, the prices on the gold have raised a lot. Experts think that the reason of that may be the fact that Treasury bond yields fell down because traders didn’t want to accept that risk after soft data about the economic situation in the United States of America. In fact, the investigation of ISM of a sector of manufacturing activity has shown some interesting facts – experts noticed the slowing of the growth. However, it was clearly expected. PMI had an analogous index from Markit Economics and it was later revised towards the falling down.

In fact, a big number of European markets are noticed going after bourses from Asia downward. And American stock index futures appears to take a hint on the same move when Wall Street goes online and starts its game. All these moves, according to the predictions and statistics of global trade experts, may cause the boosting the appeal of assets. Afterward, experts also expect a sudden lift to the gold. However, when it comes to crude oil there is also some news. Its prices went down and suffer one of the largest losses in a current month.

Some news were telling about a sudden selloff to reports pointing out the fact that some outputs from Libya have grown up to 660 thousand barrels per day. According to the earlier facts, they started with almost 500 thousand barrels but last week this was surprisingly changed after the field in Sharara was opened again. Sharara, in fact, is the biggest place in the country where all crude oil goes on export after being extracted. At the same time, the weekly API inventory report got lots of attention from traders. All these facts will be also complemented by US data about every export made during the February this year and help to create a full image of supply trends speculations.