3 key releases for your trading opportunities

In the week ahead, there are a lot of fundamental news that are looking forward to, events that will give volatility and the numerous trading opportunities that they create. Let’s take a look at our top 3 choices:

  1. 1. Tuesday sees that the US issued a building permit. This figure represents the annual number of new residential permits issued in the previous month, which are expected to reach 1.274 million people. This figure is considered as a measure of future construction costs, which has far-reaching implications for the economy as a whole.Better than expected, the issue is likely to lead to the strengthening of the US dollar, since this figure implies that the increase in spending is on the horizon.  Continue reading

The USD is rising again after a strong recovery last week

Last week, trading was fairly dynamic, the dollar recovered and traded in the green zone after the bulls overcame the resistance. On the first day of the new week there will be 3 key data releases in the US, the EU and Canada.

In Canada, there are data of the trade sector, which tends to have a tremendous impact on the value of the national currency: the more the country’s exports, the higher the demand for the currency needed to pay for goods. Conversely, the more a country imports goods, the greater the supply of the national currency, it is necessary to pay for imports. Index of current accounts will reflect the change in the value of imports and exports, therefore, if it comes out higher than expected, the Canadian dollar will grow due to increased demand for the currency. If the report falls below expectations, the Canadian dollar will fall due to the increased supply of currency. Continue reading

Weekly review 8-12 May

We chose three key releases this week, opening the possibility for traders, so learn more right now!

Tuesday will be released Australian Retail Sales figure that shows changes in retail sales and consumer purchasing power and makes it clear whether they are spending more or less than last month. Continue reading