FOMC protocols disappointed markets. All attention for the OPEC session

The published Minutes of the FOMC session left a bad taste in the mouth of traders, as weak comments from committee members raised doubts about the reality of the June rate hike. Markets will be sensitive to the data from the US and will be guided by them. Next, we’ll look at the key publications for today.

Among the first to come out preliminary data on GDP (q/q) of Great Britain. Given the recent strength of the pound sterling, this publication can cause market volatility. This indicator reflects the change in the value of goods and services produced in Britain, and is the primary indicator of the economic health of the country. If it exceeds expectations, the pound sterling rate will rise. Against the backdrop of a disappointing report, the British currency may fall and lose yesterday’s levels. Continue reading

3 key events and releases this week

The week ahead has many a fundamental news release and events to look forward to, and the numerous trading opportunities they create. Let us take a look at our top 3 picks:

1. Tuesday is considering the release of the inflation report in the UK, which will outline the views of the Bank of England on the current state of inflation and growth in the UK economy. The stock indices of GBP and UK are volatile during the publication of the report, which, if it is significant enough, will lead to a long-term asset movement. If the report shows that the UK economy is growing and inflation is at least stable to growth, we will see a positive impact on the pound, while the report that the UK economy is cooling will lead to a pound sale.

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