BREXIT gives the UK new hopes; The US comes out of the oil race

In Asia today, the focus of news from China-recent strict measures taken by the state concerning large banks and private companies to contain risky borrowings abroad, led to riots in the financial sector. The active sale of shares continues, and the head of the Commission on the Regulation of Banking Activities of China Guo Shuking announced his likely resignation. Such a development could lead to a rapid fall in the national currency. Nevertheless, the companies that touched on the above-mentioned events are trying to calm investors by noting that these are only standard procedures, the purpose of which is to ensure the security of the national currency. Continue reading

Elections in the UK: Prime Minister May’s rhetoric

Since the elections in the UK will take place literally within a few weeks, the two main parties are fighting for dominance, as they hope to take the lead in the elections and guide the countries to the future. In its present form, Article 50, the formal initiation of Brexit negotiations took place, and the two sides split in how to conduct the business. The current Prime Minister, May, took a strict approach to the negotiations, hoping to play ball. She stated that she would get the best possible deal for the UK or not at all, all by marginalizing Wales and Ireland, without considering their views on how Braxit should be handled.

On the other hand, the Labor Party adopted a more general position, implying that they see the role of positive relations between the EU and the United States in promoting the best solution that is acceptable to both sides and does not take an aggressive all or nothing position.
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