Weekly review 8-12 May

We chose three key releases this week, opening the possibility for traders, so learn more right now!

Tuesday will be released Australian Retail Sales figure that shows changes in retail sales and consumer purchasing power and makes it clear whether they are spending more or less than last month.

On Wednesday, waiting for the release of crude oil in the US. Last week the price of oil fell by 10% due to growing concerns over supply and OPEC’s inability to convince markets of their ability to inhibit supply. If growth more than expected, we see that the price of crude oil moves south for about $ 40. While lower than expected growth rates will lead to a break for the Bulls, as they are looking at $ 50 p / bbl.

US April CPI q/q to appear on Friday and seen as a leading indicator of consumer prices and how they have changed compared to the previous quarter. This number is usually a great influence on the US dollar and shares of US companies because it accounts for a large part of the overall inflation in the economy with the increase / decrease overall inflation. Prospects for higher interest rates tend to lead to higher prices of the relevant currency and the devaluation of the market share, while, conversely, the prospect of lower rates.

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